Tournaments - Frequently Asked Questions*

General Questions

How do I register for a play money tournament? I want to check the total prize pool during my tournament. What should I do? Is there a way of searching for other players involved in my tournament? I finished playing a tournament a few hours ago but I want to see who won. I’m not playing in a tournament but I want to watch the final table. Can I do this? What is ‘Late Registration’? How do I unregister from a tournament?

Tournament Types

What’s the difference between a play money tournament and a freeroll? What is a multi-table tournament? What is a ‘Satellite’ tournament and how do I find one?

Tournament Rules

Can I move tables whenever I want during a tournament? When does a tournament finish? I was eliminated in the same hand as another player at my table after making the money. Who wins more? How do you decide who is on the dealer button? Are there rules against intentionally losing hands in order to give other players more chips? Are there rules about what you can and can’t say in the chat box during a tournament? What is ‘hand-for-hand’ and how does it work? Are there any other general tournament rules I need to know?


My internet connection cut-off during a tournament and I couldn’t get it working again. Will you reimburse my tournament buy-in? What happens when I disconnect while involved in a hand? How does DET work? What happens if I time out during a hand? What is a ‘Time Bank’?


How are prizes awarded during the tournament?

If you have any questions about tournaments that are not covered above, contact Support.