Software Download - Frequently Asked Questions*

General Questions

Forgot Password

I forgot my password. Can I open a new account? I forgot my password. How do I get a new one? How can I help keep my Stars Account secure?

Forgot Username

I forgot my Username. Can I open a new account? What do I do if I have forgotten my Username?


I cannot connect to your server, what should I do? What happens if I am disconnected in the middle of a hand?

Email Validation

It says I need to validate my email address. What is this all about and how do I validate my email address? How do you validate your email address?

Game Play

How do I get more Play Money? How many Play Money Sit & Go tournaments can I play at the same time? How about Ring Games? Do you rake Play Money games? I see a little ‘N’ underneath some players’ circles. What is this? Does the software allow me to muck the winning hand? How do I know how much play money is in the pot? The game I wish to join is full. What should I do?


I am registered for a tournament, but cannot find it. How do I view all tournaments I am registered in? Many players are sitting out, and it’s ruining the game! Is this allowed? Where can I find out more information about tournaments and further FAQs?

Buying Play Money chips

Can I buy Play Money chips with real money? Can I exchange Play Money chips for real money? Can I trade Play Money chips with other players or sites? Can I get a refund on Play Money chips I purchased but won’t use? What payment methods can I use to purchase Play Money chips? I am having problems purchasing Play Money chips, how do I get help? How do these purchases appear on my statement? Where can I see my Play Money purchase history? How do I know if my purchase has been successful? My payment method was debited but my Play Money chips were not credited?


What are your chat rules? Another player is abusive. How can I make them stop? Can I use language other than English when chatting at the table? Someone is stalking me! This player follows me to all the tables I go to. I am unable to see some/any chat at the tables? Why can I not see my own chat at the tables, but other’s chat is visible?

Star Codes

What is a Star Code? How and where do I get a Star Code? I have a Star Code, how do I use it? I have entered my Star Code, how do I know it worked? I have more than one Star Code, can I use them all? I entered the code and did not receive the pop up message. What do I need to do now? Is there anywhere else I can check that a bonus or tournament ticket has been applied to my account? I received my Star Code. How long is it valid?

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