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Hole cards' security

Our software was developed under strict security controls which make it impossible for hole cards to be exposed during play (even to staff).

In the early days of software development, the concept of having a program that could view hole cards live in order to help testing was discussed. It was explicitly decided against that idea, to avoid any potential problems. That decision stands, and no such software has ever been developed in our history to view hole cards live in real time.

We do record all of the hole cards in all real money hands. This is an important tool to help us investigate fraud and collusion. However, this information is not accessible to anyone until after the conclusion of the hand; it is not transmitted to our database until all action is completed and the pot has been awarded.

To be clear: Nobody in the public or employed by us can obtain information from the servers to find out the hole cards of any hand in progress. Nobody in senior management, none of the software developers, no operational representatives. Nobody at all.

All software updates are reviewed by several people before being deployed. All sensitive changes are also personally reviewed by the chief software architect to help ensure they are stable and secure.

We are aware that there are some programs that claim to make it possible to see other players' cards. We have investigated many of these programs, and have not found any that do what they claim to do. Some of them are actually malware, programs that compromise the security of whoever installs the software. But mostly they are simply scams; attempts to steal money from people who believe incorrectly that they will get a competitive edge. In truth, they do not compromise our security.

Theoretically, it is possible that there is some malicious software on your computer which might reveal your hole cards to a particular player. However, in the interests of openness and honesty, we must highlight that this is a theoretical risk. If you are concerned about such a possibility, you should consult with a computer security expert to secure your computer.


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