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House players and staff play

You will never play in a game against anyone employed by us. We do not use any house players (also known as 'shills') or automatic players (or 'bots') on our site.

You will only play against other players like yourself.

Any employee or contractor who has access to inside information (player records, hidden card hand histories, etc...) is not permitted to play on the site. In fact, their immediate relatives are not permitted to play either. This is to prevent any possible abuse of inside information.

Even those who leave the company are not allowed to play for a number of months, and by that time, all access privileges are most certainly removed.

Even if someone had access, this would not help them. When our software was in development, the idea of a feature to view hole cards live was discussed, with the thinking, that it would help with testing. The idea was not used, specifically to prevent anyone from ever abusing the feature to cheat. The decision remains, and no such feature has ever been developed to view hole cards live, in real time.

Staff can only see hole cards (e.g. in a collusion investigation) after the hand is complete.

This is exactly the same situation as normal players, who can see the hand history of each game they play after the hand is complete.


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