Software News

We pride ourself in never growing complacent. That’s why we work every day to build new and exciting features to make your poker experience better. This page lists some of the most recent upgrades to the free poker software.

Use these links to jump to previous software updates and major new features.

July 2014

* Heads-up Sit & Go rematches will no longer show odd numbers for players with high Play Money balances.

* Many other bug fixes.

June 2014

* A bug involving refresh issues on Windows 8 machines has been fixed. Tables will now feel much more responsive for affected players.

* Satellites now allow repeat winners. Players who win a second entry into a tournament will receive its seat value in play chips.

* Many other bug fixes and small improvements.

May 2014

* New installations of the desktop client will no longer round bets off by default.

* Many bug fixes.

April 2014

Many bug fixes and small improvements.

February 2014

* Heads up Sit & Go rematch dialogs have been improved for ease of use.

* Many bug fixes and small improvements.

January 2014

* To speed up the time it takes from being seated to being dealt cards, all games will default to posting the big blind out of position.

* The client now displays a player’s chip balance in the lobby.

* Many bug fixes.

December 2013

* The November and December client updates feature many small improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes.

October 2013

* Extra Bet Slider Button

The desktop client will now have four configurable buttons that control betting amounts. We have also turned the bet slider shortcut buttons on for everyone, though you can still switch them off if you prefer. If you have already customized the bet slider shortcuts, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Bet Slider’ to configure the extra button.

* Mac Cocoa API

The new Cocoa client will be updated and deployed to all remaining licenses (including .COM). The Cocoa client has initial Retina support for text and native OS controls.

July 2013

* Re-entry tournaments (Beta) - We are introducing re-entry tournaments to our tournaments offering. In re-entry tournaments, when you bust during late registration, you are given the option to re-enter the tournament. Unlike in a rebuy, you will not keep your seat (and there is no add-on period); instead, you are given a completely new tournament entry. Initially we will start with a small Beta offering of those tournaments until we verify that everything is functioning properly.

* New card decks (Beta) - We've introduced two new card decks. They are accessible via Table Themes.

June 2013

* Mac Cocoa support - This month, we are converting our client into the new Mac Cocoa API. This is a prerequisite for adding Retina support and many other large Mac improvements. As a first step, the Mac client now supports emoticons and the ability to re-order different columns in the lobby list.

* New Sounds - We are releasing a new set of beta sounds for the client and have made improvements to the way sounds are played in the client to improve the overall experience. To try the new Beta sounds, simply check ‘Enable beta sounds’ in the ‘Settings’ > ‘Beta Options’ dialog. We will be looking to make those the default sounds for the client after the Beta period.

In addition to the sounds being updated, we have also added a unique sound for Raise actions.

We would love to hear how you like the new sounds - please email your feedback to Support.

May 2013

* Installation and First Time Signup Process changes - In order to test our changes and ultimately make the new user experience better, a percentage of clients will now install with the new Group View mode on by default.

April 2013

* New Game Types: 5 Card Omaha & Courchevel - We have deployed two new game types: 5 Card Omaha and Courchevel. Both will be rolled out in Hi and Hi/Lo variants.

In case you are not familiar with those variants, 5 Card Omaha is played just like regular Omaha, but with five hole cards. Courchevel is a variation of 5 Card Omaha where the first flop card is dealt face up at the beginning of the hand.

* Font Options and Changes to Default Font Setup for List Of Games - In order to improve readability of the list of games, we are adding three pixels to the height of the rows in the main lobby game lists.

We also have added options to change the font used in the main lobby game lists. To access these options go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Font and Text’.

* Auto Rebuy for Tournaments Improvements – We have introduced the ability for players to specify in more detail how they want Auto Rebuy to work in rebuy tournaments. You will now have three options to specify from the table of a rebuy tournament:

  • Whenever possible

  • 1x Rebuy when 0 chips

  • 2x Rebuy when 0 chips

In addition, we are adding the ability to set your default tournament Auto Rebuy preference so that you don’t need to specify your selection for each tournament.

* Option to Register for a New Sit & Go from Elimination DialogWe have added the ability to register for another Sit & Go of the same type in the dialog that shows once a tournament ends for you. This is simply a convenience feature to allow players to jump straight into another Sit & Go of the same type.

February 2013

* Views for Ring Game Lobbies - After adding a few enhancements to functionality during the Beta stage, we are releasing new views for the list of available games in the ring game lobbies. After you next update the software, you will see a new control in the ring game lobbies that allows you to change the ‘View’, with these three options:

  • Table View - This is the usual standard view, i.e. one list with all tables that match your filter settings

  • Groups View - All tables of the same type are grouped together in one entry, and there is a ‘Find Me A Seat’ button. This button looks for an empty seat at a table of this type. If no seat is immediately available, you will be given the option to continue searching for a seat. In this instance, the system will automatically add you to waiting lists and check for available seats until you either cancel the search or a seat is found. In either eventuality, you are automatically removed from any waiting lists where the system has added you. Soon, the plan is to integrate this with Table Starters so that if one exists you will also be added to the Table Starter.

    We have also added a new ‘Observe’ icon, which when clicked will open a table of this type that can be observed. Also, the number of tables now shows only tables which are dealing (for non-HU types), as opposed to also including empty or non-dealing tables.

  • Combo View - Here you can see groups, and once you select a group you will also see the specific tables within a group. It’s great for players who like to monitor multiple table types, but like to switch easily between them.

* Graphical Preview for Ring Games - We have added a graphical preview of the selected ring game in the main lobby. You will see a new toggle icon above the list of players on a table in the main lobby, allowing you to switch between the standard list view and a new graphical view of the table. In the graphical view you will still see notes on opponents, but in addition you will also be shown sitting out players, and where the button is. You can also choose a specific seat directly from the lobby, if one is available.

* Progressive Knockout Tournaments - We will be trialling a new type of a knockout tournament, currently given the working title ‘Progressive Knockouts’. In this variant, when you eliminate a player, you get a part of their bounty credited to your account, but another part goes towards your own bounty. This means you become more attractive to your opponents!

We are initially deploying only a few of these, to make sure everything is running smoothly before we deploy on a wider scale.

* Ability to Change Order of Columns in Lobby - This update adds drag & drop functionality to the columns in the main lobby, so you can arrange them just the way you want

January 2013

* Game List Font Options - We have added three new font set-ups.

* Preferred Seat Enhancements - We are enhancing the preferred seat functionality slightly.

We will also make the option for tournaments switched on by default, while the one for ring games will be off by default.

* Speed Filter Changes (Ring Games) - In line with the changes to table speed, the ring game filters will not have a Speed box anymore. Same applies to Easy Seat.