Win a prize in five minutes with Beat the Clock!

Up for a game but short on time? If you love the excitement of tournament poker but are looking for a quick game that will only last a few minutes, then Beat the Clock is for you.

Each tournament ends when the clock hits five minutes, at which point the prize pool is divided between all remaining players.

How Beat the Clock works

No matter what happens, Beat the Clock tournaments end after five minutes. If you still have chips when the tournament ends, you’ll win a prize - the size of your prize will correspond directly with the number of chips you have. The more chips you have, the bigger the prize you will win!

Beat the Clock tournaments use the Zoom format, so every time you fold you’re instantly whisked to a new table, with new opponents and new cards. Zoom lets you play more poker in less time, which is useful because the action moves at a fast pace in Beat the Clock tournaments!

You can find Beat the Clock tournaments under the ‘Clock’ tab in our desktop software, or the ‘Beat the Clock’ tab in the mobile app.

Beat the Clock Tournament Structure

All Beat the Clock tournaments are Sit & Go’s, meaning they start as soon as enough players have registered, and have the following tournament structure:

Buy-in Players Players per Table Starting Stack Duration
10,000 48 4 5,000 5 minutes

Blind levels last for one minute, with blinds and antes increasing as follows:

Level 1 2 3 4 5
Ante 80 100 120 160 200
Small Blind 200 250 300 400 500
Big Blind 400 500 600 800 1,000

How prizes are calculated

When five minutes are up, the tournament ends and prizes are awarded to all remaining players. Each tournament has 240,000 chips in play (48 x 5,000) and a total prize pool of 408,000 (48 x 8,500), and prizes are awarded relative to each player’s share of the total chips. To calculate each player’s share, the formula used is: (remaining chips / 240,000) x 408,000 = payout.

Example 1:

You have 12,000 chips when the tournament ends.
12,000 / 240,000 = 0.05
0.05 x 408,000 = 20,400
You win 20,400

Example 2:

You have 16,500 chips when the tournament ends.
16,500 / 240,000 = 0.06875
0.06875 x 408,000 = 28,050
You win 28,050

Example 3:

You have 1,800 chips when the tournament ends.
1,800 / 240,000 = 0.0075
0.0075 x 408,000 = 3,060
You win 3,060

Where necessary prizes will be rounded down, with any remainders added to the first place prize.

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